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    Default The Marble Cross

    The Marble Cross
    This craft should be completed early in the class.

    What is Needed:

    15 sugar cubes for each child
    White glue
    Scrapbook embellishment, Easter theme
    Paper plate, sturdy

    Line up 9 cubes in three rows of three. This will create the base. Glue all of these together. Be sure to glue each of the sides in the middle too, so the base is solid. Let this dry for about 15 minutes.
    To assemble the cross, line four cubes up and glue the last two cubes to the third cube up from the bottom. This will make the sides of the cross. Add a dollop of glue to the center of the cross and place a small scrapbook embellishment. Let this dry for 15 minutes.
    After all the pieces are completely dried, glue the cross in the center of the base. Place the cross on a sturdy paper plate. Hold it in place for a minute or two. Let it dry completely or it will fall apart when you lift it.

    This cross is very pretty and if you place it on a shelf away from the children it will last for several months. It looks like marble, and the children really enjoy this craft. For those children under the age of 7, you will really want to help and supervise them.

    Read more: "Easter Crafts for Sunday School: Christian Projects to Celebrate the Resurrection" - Easter Crafts for Sunday School: Christian Projects to Celebrate the Resurrection

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    Default Re: The Marble Cross

    This is yet another one I will do with my son in Bible study class !!!!
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