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    Default Living Strictly Within Your Resources

    Don't find yourself comparing yourself with others --- by the products and clothing you buy. Start caring more about living strictly within your resources (budget) , and less about what people might think of you--this is your life, take control...Thinking you have to have that new blouse..That second hand store may just have that outfit you need for a special outing.

    Eating Out -- Save for those special outings.
    Eat for free on your birthday.. Sign up for restaurant email lists and get coupons in the mail or through your email, for a free meal on your birthday. My email is flooded with these coupons. Some restaurants give you a free meal coupon just for signing up. When you eat out skip drinks, this is where you'll end up paying more. Also always take home the extras, you can have another meal, to take to work a day or two later.

    Find your lowest cost place to purchase prescription drugs (It's all in planning). Make sure to check out your local pharmacist, also local supermarkets, area discount centers, and the mail-order pharmacies. They are all out for your business, and offer specials for signing on with them.
    "Joy is not in things. It is within us"

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