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    When you read this book, it will give you an idea of how we were supported. I trust that you will grow and begin to understand the potential that integrative cancer treatment has to help you. I believe the information contained within this book will be supremely helpful as it will bring a clarity of what can be done.

    Before going to a new physician, we always pray, "Lord give us a doctor who is both competent and compassionate." Competency without compassion may be good for the body, but cold for the soul. Compassion without competency can mean that you are loved, but become more diseased. You will find that Dr. Contreras and Daniel Kennedy are both exceptionally competent and profoundly compassionate. And such are the rest of the team at Oasis of Hope.

    Allow me to be deeply personal. Many years ago, a lady named Shary loaded her cancer ridden mother into the back of an old station wagon and drove from Arizona to the Oasis of Hope in Mexico. Shary, a woman of short stature, walked up behind Dr. Ernesto Contreras, Sr., a man with a marked height advantage. Not knowing for certain who he was, she queried, "Are you Dr. Ernesto Contreras?" "I am" he replied, as he turned around. She looked up at him their eyes meeting for the first time. Telling the story nearly four decades after the heavenly intersection occurred, through misty eyes, she now explains, "I discovered that I was looking into the eyes of Jesus!"

    At the risk of being considered melodramatic, allow me to draw on this story. When I look into the eyes of Francisco Contreras son of Ernesto, the Oasis of Hope founder and when I look into the eyes of Daniel Ernesto Kennedy (Contreras) grandson of Ernesto, the Oasis of Hope founder I see the eyes of Jesus. I cannot possibly say more.

    James L. Garlow, PhD
    Senior Pastor, Skyline Church
    San Diego, CA
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    Order Francisco Contreras, MD new book Hope Medicine and Healing
    Hope Everyone Is Enjoying The Day. Best Wishes From MN ~ Pamela

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    This one is still available


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