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    Make a splash on a rainy day by scooping up a flock of these ice-cream ducklings adapted from The Children's Party Handbook (Barron's). They're delicious, fun to make and take no time at all. Just follow these five easy steps:

    Ice cream, flavor of your choice
    Chocolate chips or raisins
    Orange gumdrop, flattened
    Fruit leather or dried apricots

    1. First spread out a paper cupcake liner and set it on a small plate or in a bowl.

    2. For the body, place a large scoop of vanilla ice cream or lemon sherbet on top of the liner.

    3. Create a neck by topping the body with a spoonful of ice cream and use the bowl of the spoon to flatten it slightly. Place a small scoop of ice cream on the neck for the head. Press on chocolate chips or raisins for eyes.

    4. For a beak, flatten an orange gumdrop and cut it into two pieces. Or you can simply insert a shelled peanut into the ice cream.

    5. Finally, make webbed feet with pieces of fruit leather or dried apricots.

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