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    Star Free Online Computer Classes

    Here is a list of free online puter classes:

    » Microsoft Office and Adobe

    » Adobe Acrobat: creating PDFs
    » Adobe Photoshop CS2: advanced
    » Microsoft® Excel 2007: create a PivotTable (3:07)
    » Microsoft® Excel 2007: extreme
    » Microsoft® Excel 2007: filter data (2:10)
    » Microsoft® Excel 2007: link and unlink content between two workbooks (3:59)
    » Microsoft® Excel 2007: record a simple macro and edit it in VBA (3:28)
    » Microsoft® Excel 2007: take a tour of the interface and learn basic skills (5:42)
    » Microsoft® OneNote: creating and using notebooks (5:27)
    » Microsoft® OneNote: getting started (7:17)
    » Microsoft® PowerPoint 2007: create a new slide master (2:43)
    » Microsoft® PowerPoint 2007: customize the PowerPoint interface (4:44)
    » Microsoft® Word 2007: advanced
    » Microsoft® Word 2007: take a tour of special features (6:18)
    » Microsoft® Word 2007: take a tour of the Ribbon (3:37)
    » Microsoft® Word 2007: use the Track Changes feature (4:40)

    » Operating systems

    » Microsoft® Windows Vista Sidebar: adding gadgets (2:15)
    » Microsoft® Windows Vista advanced customization: back up the registry (2:03)
    » Microsoft® Windows Vista advanced customization: increase bandwidth for network and internet connections (3:23)
    » Microsoft® Windows Vista: advanced customization
    » Microsoft® Windows Vista: find files using basic Search (2:45)
    » Microsoft® Windows Vista: troubleshooting and maintenance
    » Microsoft® Windows Vista: tune up your PC
    » Microsoft® Windows Vista: use Disk Cleanup (2:47)

    » Programming and web

    » Building your first web page
    » Microsoft® Expression Web: building websites
    » Microsoft® Project 2007: introduction

    » PC solutions

    » Combating spam and spyware (with podcast)
    » Evaluating desktop virtualization solutions
    » Exploring and implementing Gobi and 3G technology
    » Firewall basics (with podcast)
    » HP Backup and Recovery Manager: schedule backups (13:34)
    » HP ProtectTools: security at your fingertips (quick lesson with podcast)
    » Simple backup strategies with HP Backup and Recovery Manager (quick lesson with podcast)
    » Simplify your IT infrastructure: reduce total cost of ownership
    » Wireless networking with Bluetooth (quick lesson)

    » Servers and storage solutions

    » Disaster preparedness through virtualization (quick lesson)
    » ERP: resource planning solutions
    » How to build a midsize IT core infrastructure
    » Introduction to storage networks
    » Protect your data: back up to tape, disk and the network
    » Understanding Microsoft® Windows Server 2008
    » Virtualize your infrastructure: planning UPDATED!

    » Business skills

    » Color your business: develop a marketing color scheme (3:23)
    » Create marketing materials that align with your goals (quick lesson)
    » Create your own marketing materials with free templates
    » Customizing business envelopes and automating postage (quick lesson) NEW!
    » Get organized: managing time, space and paper (with podcast)
    » Marketing writing tips: five mistakes to avoid (quick lesson)
    » Mastering email: keep your inbox clutter-free (6:45)
    » Meet the HP Smartphone: get connected, get more done (quick lesson)
    » Save money, be energy efficient
    » Ten tips for printing better marketing materials in-house (quick lesson)
    » Use Google Desktop to find and retrieve what you need (6:09)
    » Use color-coding to prioritize your email (5:00)

    » Computing and networking

    » HP Backup and Recovery Manager: restore files (8:13)
    » HP Backup and Recovery Manager: schedule backups (13:34)
    » IT infrastructure and its challenges: outsource or hire? (quick lesson)
    » Laptop PCs: basic troubleshooting and repair (quick lesson)
    » Laptop PCs: troubleshooting wireless problems (quick lesson)
    » Networking 101
    » Servers 101
    » Simple backup strategies with HP Backup and Recovery Manager (quick lesson with podcast)
    » Six steps to computer security (quick lesson)

    » Government and education

    » Embracing Web 2.0
    » Grant planning: matching funding sources with your needs
    » HP ProtectTools Security Manager: enable Smart Card security (10:36)
    » HP ProtectTools Security Manager: using BIOS Configuration
    » HP ProtectTools Security Manager: using single sign-on (10:03)
    » IT asset management best practices
    » Internet safety for students and schools
    » Service-oriented architecture 101
    » Streamline your organization through shared services (quick lesson)
    » Transition your old IT assets (quick lesson)
    » Virus protection best practices
    » Wireless classroom best practices
    » Writing exceptional grant proposals
    » eBooks: a different way to read (quick lesson)

    Visit: Learning center - classes


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    Default Re: Free Online Computer Classes

    Very helpful online learning center and refences here. Thank-You !
    "Joy is not in things. It is within us"

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    Default Re: Free Online Computer Classes

    I see a lot here that I could really use - I think. Thanks for the list.

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    Default Re: Free Online Computer Classes

    I have been meaning to be certified in Microsoft software. If I remember correctly, they do send a cert. and keep it in their records. I may be wrong.

    Evweryone should be doing these in their spare time, with the job market as it is. Anything you learn can only help you.
    Hope Everyone Is Enjoying The Day. Best Wishes From MN ~ Pamela



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