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The Power of Presence

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    Smile Free Booklet: "The Power Of Presence"

    The Power of Presence

    You have the power to live fully and boldly now.
    Unity’s new booklet, The Power of Presence, will show you how.

    The 48 pages in The Power of Presence are filled with words to inspire you to be more present to those you love and the abundant opportunities and blessings that constantly surround you. You will also find real-life examples and ways to practice the power of presence in your own life now.

    A sampling of its wisdom:

    “The same power [that Jesus expressed] is within you too—to begin again, to break through, to heal or resolve any condition or challenge in your life—however it appears.”

    —Daniel B. Rebant, “Seize the Day!”

    “It is part of the mystery of life that when we stop clinging to what we think is our safety net, the universe provides marvels beyond our imagining.”

    —Bernadette P. Swanson, “God’s Presence: It’s Everywhere!”

    “The most fulfilling moments in life are not characterized by complexity, or acquiring or possessing. They are a product of simple awareness, pure consciousness, and love.”

    —Paula Godwin Coppel, “Discovering the Law of Attention”

    “God is a circle that is centered in you. All the attributes of the Infinite are in focus as you, flowing forth through you.”

    —Eric Butterworth, “In the Flow of the Healing Stream”

    Affirmation: Today is an opportunity to live in the presence of God, the presence of good. I am open and receptive to God’s blessings in my life, and I claim my good now!
    Hope Everyone Is Enjoying The Day. Best Wishes From MN ~ Pamela

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    Default Re: Free Booklet: "The Power Of Presence"

    Additional Resources
    More Free Booklets are also offered on this site.
    Thank you for your booklet order!
    Your request is being processed and you should expect it to arrive within four to six weeks.
    It is because of the generosity of people like you that we are able to offer these booklets at no cost.
    Click here to make a donation.
    You may also enjoy other publications offered by Unity, including magazines, books, tapes, and CDs. Retreats and classes are available too.

    God Bless You!
    Your Friends in Silent Unity.
    "Joy is not in things. It is within us"



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