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NASA - Sun-Earth Day - Space Weather Around the World I put that I HomeSchooled

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    Smile Sun Earth Day Kit 2009

    NASA - Sun-Earth Day - Space Weather Around the World

    This year's Sun-Earth Day Kit will available soon. The kit's folder will be the same as last year's but that's where the similarity ends. The contents of the 2008 kit will be entirely new and designed to prepare you for this year's new theme, "Space Weather Around the World". Don't forget to register to receive your free kit in the mail when available and while supplies last!
    While supplies last, you can register to receive your free Sun-Earth Day Kit! Additional kits for your classroom, science center, or museum, are available for $6.00 each through NASA CORE. International educators should contact the NASA CORE office for exact shipping to their area. Additionally, many NASA Educator Resource Centers will be offering workshops that will be supported with kits. For a center nearest you, visit the NASA Educator Resource Center Network.
    I put that I HomeSchooled

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    Hope Everyone Is Enjoying The Day. Best Wishes From MN ~ Pamela

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