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    Star Free DSLR camera strap & stickers

    You must be a SmugMug customer, a member of a photography forum, or a listener of Digital Photography Life. Sorry!

    The good news:

    * The camera straps are a little bit stretchy to absorb shock (but not enough to bounce). They have soft rubber inside that doesn't slip off your shoulder. These straps are for serious cameras, though. They won't work as a wrist-strap for a compact camera.
    * The stickers are the durable glossy material that license plate stickers are made from. We'll send a small assortment of round stickers that range from 2 to 3.5-inches.
    * We ship to almost every country.

    The bad news:

    * Stickers and straps are shipped separately.

    * Fulfillment of straps isn't our specialty, so it may take awhile to get the loot.

    Please be patient and submit just one request!

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