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    Default Making Extra Money

    Right there with you! I am queen of making money by
    doing as little work as possible...let's see,
    currently I am:

    Mystery shopping--sometimes easy, sometimes not; you
    won't get rich doing it but I really like the free
    meals--evaluate the service, meal is free. For more
    information and companies to sign up with, go to and click where it says get paid to
    shop. Just remember, NEVER pay money up front to get
    mystery shopping jobs or information. It's readily
    available for free.

    AtHome America--this is a company that sells home
    decorating products (sort of like Home Interiors but a
    different look) We do mainly home and catalog shows
    and you can really make a nice wage if you put some
    effort into it. I personally like getting a discount
    on my orders You can take a look at Right now you can get your kits
    (tons of neat stuff) for $'s a good start up
    plan if you are interested.

    Market research studies--I've done this for years and
    mostly gotten free products to test and a small fee
    (usually no more than about $10) but it does add up.
    I just got a call last night and got accepted into a 3
    week internet study that pays $200.

    MyPoints--doesn't pay cash but you accumulate points
    to redeem for gift certificates--makes the money go
    farther when you want something frivolous

    Up until right before Christmas, I was doing
    merchandising work in several of the large chain

    stores here (had to quit due to medical reasons) but I
    was making around $13 an hour and putting in about 15
    hours a week. My husband was working evenings so I
    didn't have to pay childcare. It's pretty flexible so
    you can work around whatever hours you need to. I was
    setting up displays, auditing shelf conditions,
    ordering/returning products, etc. It sounds alot
    harder than it is. If you can read and follow
    directions, you can do most stuff they will send you.
    The info for that is on the site also.

    Good luck!

    ~ They Call it DODGE for a Reason! ~

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    Default Re: Making Extra Money

    Who did you sign up with to do your market research studies? I love doing stuff like that and I'm not sure who to sign up with. Thanks


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    I am all for making extra money too!!!
    Tragedy, sadness, loneliness and despair taught me that life is really a beautiful thing; if it wasn't I wouldn't be able to recognize that anything was wrong - Lynn in Virginia

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