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    Default 10 easy ways to start living frugally

    Clean the lint screen on your dryer regularly. A clogged lint screen can guzzle 30% more energy--and start a fire.

    TVs, DVD players, computers and other electronics drain energy even when they're not turned on. Be sure to unplug them if they're not in use and watch your utility bill shrink.

    Take advantage of after-season sales. If you need Christmas ornaments, buy them in January when they're on sale--don't wait until the fall when the price goes back up.

    Don't order top-shelf drinks. Order the well vodka instead of Grey Goose

    Give up gadgets. Technologically impressive doodads can be addictive and expensive. If you have to have it, look for a used unit six months down the road.

    Downgrade your phone service. If you haven't used call waiting in months and have never had a three-way chat, reduce your service to the most basic option.

    Open a window. If the weather's nice, why pay for artificial air? Turn off the thermostat and enjoy bringing the outdoors inside.

    Make it a lunch date. At most restaurants, lunch costs less than dinner. If you're meeting a business colleague or a date for a meal, suggest lunch.

    Use regular plates instead of paper or plastic. Not only does this cost less, but it also helps keep waste out of landfills.

    Use cruise control when possible to save on gas--speeding up and speeding down drains your tank.



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