FREE 911 Emergency Cell Phone ... equest.cfm

Effective December 1997, all cellular telephones are required to have carrier network access to make unlimited FREE 911 calls.

Power up the phone.
Dial 911.
Select send and you will be connected immediately with the emergency dispatcher for 911.
Most phones can be easily programmed for 1 number calling for 911. Some phones are already programmed for a long 9 (holding down the 9 button for a few moments) for instant contact with 911.

IMPORTANT: Keep your battery charged!

Sources for you to buy cheap emergency phones.

Goodwill Industries
Your Local Flea Markets
Neighborhood Garage Sales
Friends or Relatives
If you have not found a used cell phone to use as an emergency phone
then use this form to request a 911 emergency cell phone .
NOTE: Items in BLUE are required for the form.