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    Default Ten Tips for Conservation

    1) Donít Waste Water
    - Showering shouldnít take half an hour. Do what you need to do, such as shampooing and shaving, then get out. Turn off the water as youíre brushing your teeth. Run full loads of laundry and dishes. Use rainwater to water plants. Go to a car wash, which circulates its water.

    2)Turn Off Lights And Electronics - If you leave a room, shut off the lights. Donít leave them on all night. If you need to be away from your house, put your lights on timers. Unplug appliances and electronics when not in use, including your computer.

    3) Switch Over To Energy Saving Appliances - When itís time to replace appliances, switch over to ones that are Energy Star approved. Swap out your regular light bulbs for energy saving ones.

    4) Use Canvas Shopping Bags - Replace plastic and paper bags with canvas shopping bags, which can now be purchased at many major supermarket and department stores. As a bonus, many stores will give you a discount for using your own bags.

    5) Buy A Reusable Beverage Container - If you drink bottled water or buy coffee often, buy yourself a reusable water bottle or mug. If you donít like the taste of tap water, buy a filter.

    6) Recycle - Learn what goes into a recycling bin and what doesnít. Switch over to products you can recycle. If your town, school or workplace does not have a recycling program, ask about starting one.

    7) Reduce Your Paper Usage - Stop printing unneeded e-mails and documents. Reuse paper as scrap. Read online instead of picking up a newspaper.

    8) Use Your Car Less Often - Learn how to use public transportation. Walk, or ride a bike. Carpool with others going to a similar destination.

    9) Share With Others - Pass along your newspaper when youíre done reading it. Partake in hand-me-downs. Share resources with neighbors, family and friends.

    10) Be More Conscious - Think about the potential your actions may have on the earth, and act in a more planet-appropriate way.

    Source: Tipdiva

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