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    Default Haggling 101: How to Negotiate a Better Deal on Anything

    By Jennifer M. DeFeo
    Being on a budget doesnít mean you have to make great big sacrifices. You can still get that HDTV you want, or the new sofa you really want, or the new car you really, really want. All you have to do is haggle. Before you say ĎNo wayí, read the tips below. We were doubters, too, and we came around. Afterall, there was an HDTV at stake.

    Be Prepared. You canít haggle without arming yourself with information. At home, check sales prices online from different stores, and compare. Nine times out of ten, youíll be able to find a lower price (or an added incentive, like a free camera case or $25 gift card thrown in with purchase). Print the proof out, and put it in your purse. Itís your Ace.

    Go During Off Hours. Try visiting the store around 11:00am or 2:00pm when itís least crowded. Youíll find it much easier to haggle when the salesperson doesnít have a lot of customers to attend to.

    Be Confident. Walk into that store, head held high. Salespeople can pick up on indecision, and will use it against you. Donít worry, salespeople arenít going to laugh at you for haggling - as much as they might want to, they want the sale more.

    Be Polite and Reasonable. Youíll get nowhere with rudeness or threats, be nice; salespeople donítí have it easy. Also be reasonable, donít expect a 40% discount on that new HDTVódonít even ask. No one is offering it at that price, and youíre not going to get it at that price, either.

    Be Willing To Walk Away. Walk out that door if things arenít going your way. You can always come back, or try another store. Leave your contact information, before you go, though; this way, if a sale comes up next week, the salesperson can get in touch with you.

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    Default Re: Haggling 101: How to Negotiate a Better Deal on Anything

    This is nice if they work on commission, but most places around here do not. The only thing you have is if they will price match.
    Hope Everyone Is Enjoying The Day. Best Wishes From MN ~ Pamela

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