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Ever wonder if a spice you bought a while ago is still good to cook with? Have you ever bought a spice for a particular recipe and now have no idea how to use the rest of it?

Spice Islands can help you track the lifespan of your spices! With the Spice Islands My Passport membership, you will be able to Register Your Spice.

Once you register your Spice Islands products you will have your own Spice Library. Within the library, you will be able to track each product?s expiration date, receive email notifications when a particular product expires, and view great recipes that include the products you have registered.

The 2008 Spice Art Calendar features 12 original pieces of art using a variety of spices that are captured in this limited edition calendar. Enticing recipes from worldwide locations bring its theme ?What the World Tastes Like? to life through various images that are as distinctive as the places in which the spices originate.

Free Calendar offer requires Spice Islands product registration, supplies limited. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery starting 12/15/07.