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    Thumbs down Ebooks on finacial advice

    there are so many crap websites out there offering help on this that and the other but then they charge you like 1000 bucks for the service

    i was email about this one the last day

    http://www. productsupplycenter .com / web1*3*6*
    Credit Secrets Revealed - credit secrets revealed

    they all seem to good to be true, is it worth it? anybody ever stung or won by them before???

    i know they can't take my house away but a few extra dollars a month would help if it does work

    Important Moderator NotePlease Be advised that the Link is this post has been truncated because we wanted the member's question to show, however, we did not want to promote this company or the SCAM that it promotes. Please be advised this company has numerous complaints on

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    Default Re: Ebooks on finacial advice

    We DO NOT Advise Members to waste their money using sites such as the one listed above. Here are several sure-fire ways to tell a site is a SCAM:

    If a site is selling a product or service and they do the following, they are FULL of BULLSNOT.

    • 1. NO Contact Information
    • 2. No Company Name/Information
    • 3. Hidden Domain Name
    • 4. Claims of Miracles- such as "erasing all debt", "getting rid of the IRS without Paying them" (that's my personal favorite- as Bill Engvall would say, "Here's your Sign."
    • Usage of words such as "Act Now, Limited Quantity" - who do they think they are kidding, the quantities are limited, Bulls Make more BS every single day!

    Caveat Emptor- aka.. Buyer Beware... aka. .. RUN Like Hell.



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