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    Default Left-Over Navy Bean Soup

    Left-Over Navy Bean Soup

    Ok, this is a recipe I grew up with, my Mom made it a lot as we lived on beans!

    3 cups Cooked Navy Beans
    1 Medium onion, chopped
    1/2 cup milk
    1 can Tomato sauce (or soup)
    chili Powder to taste
    Salt as needed

    Cook the beans and onions together until the onions are done. Add water if needed then add the rest of the ingredients. Put on heat and bring to boil.

    My Daddy made the mistake of cosigning a couple notes for his brother. he quickly ended up making his own payments and all his brothers to boot. We had something special for dinner on Friday nights (chili, vegetable soup, kraut & ribs) and we had a big breakfast on Sundays. Otherwise we had oatmeal or rice for breakfast and the only thing we wondered about dinner was what kind of beans and if it would be cornbread or buns! I was in 9th grade when my Dad paid off his brothers house. I remember the day vividly! It was Halloween because we got a color TV and had steaks for dinner and all the trick or treaters wanted to see the TV instead of getting candy!

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