Fast and Easy Gifts to Make for Xmas- Christmas-Yule-hanukkah-Kwanzaa-Winter Solstice

Hip Dad Gift Instructions: Buy a pair of white boxers. On each side of the boxers, where the hips are, put your a handprint. On the back side of the boxers, write "I'm A Hip Dad", and decorated the front however you want. --------------------------------------- Hot Chocolate in a Jar

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    Default Fast and Easy Gifts to Make for Xmas

    Hip Dad Gift

    Buy a pair of white boxers. On each side of the boxers, where the
    hips are, put your a handprint. On the back side of the boxers,
    write "I'm A Hip Dad", and decorated the front however you want.
    Hot Chocolate in a Jar

    Make this fun and simple gift idea - Hot Cocoa recipes in a jar!

    Baby Food Jar
    Hot Cocoa Mix
    Miniature marshmallows
    Hershey Kiss Candy
    Small Candy Cane
    4-inch or Larger Fabric Scrap

    Clean the baby food jar and make sure it is completely dry.
    Put a one cup serving of the hot cocoa mix into the jar. Fill to the
    top with the miniature marshmallows. Put the cover on the jar tightly.

    Cut the fabric into a 4-inch circle. Cut a piece of ribbon about 12
    inches long. Set the fabric circle centered on top of the jar lid.
    Tie the ribbon around the fabric along the edge of the lid. Tie a bow
    in the ribbon.

    Glue the hearshey kiss to the top, center of the lid. Glue the small
    candy cane onto the side of the jar.
    Jewlery Holder

    Instructions for making an hand-shaped jewelry and ring holder.
    Materials Needed:

    Heavy Cardboard
    Paint or Markers
    Piece of Fabric
    Rice, Dreid Beans, or Sand

    Trace your hand and part of your forearm (about 2-3 inches) on a
    piece of thick (corrugated) cardboard. Cut out the hand shape you
    just traced. You may need to use a utility knife with an adult's
    help! Use this cut-out to trace another hand shape, and cut it out
    also. Glue the 2 hand shapes together so they are facing the same
    direction. This double thickness will help make your jewlry and ring
    holder more sturdy.

    Using the paint, decorate your hand shape. Use your imagination...
    You can paint it to look like a real hand complete with colored nails
    and rings, or you can make it colorful to match your room! Paint one
    side and let it dry completely, and then paint the other side.

    Cut an approximate 18 inch circle out of the fabric.

    Working along the edge of the fabric, use a pair of scissors and make
    very small slits about every inch. You want the slits big enough only
    to be able to thread your ribbon through. Weave the ribbon through
    the slits in the fabric, going down one hole and up another until you
    get back to where you started. Pull a little on both ends of the
    ribbon until your fabric looks like a bowl shape.
    Place 1 - 2 cups of rice, dried beands, or sand in the fabric bowl
    shape until it is almost full. Stick the wrist section of the
    cardboard hand into the rice, dried beans, or sand. Once you get the
    hand shape secure, pull on both ends of the ribbon again to finish
    gathering your material. You want the fabric with the ribbon woven
    through it to be snug against your hand shape. Tie the ribbon into a

    To help make this jewelry holder more stable, run a bead of glue
    along the section where the cardboard and ribbon meet. Always pick
    your jewelry holder up by the fabric base, never by the cardboard
    Laundry Scoop Magnet

    Instructions to make a photo magnet out of a laundry scoop.
    Materials Needed:

    Laundry Scoop
    Magnet Strip
    Trim your photo to fit inside the laundry scoop. Glue your photo into
    the scoop. You will want the top of your photo on the side of the
    scoop with the handle. Tie a ribbon around the scoop handle. Attach
    the magnet strip to the back and hang on the fridge!

    Optional: You can fancy up your scoop with paint, stickers, lace, etc.
    Mother's Survivial Kit

    "I have a great gift that I received when my child was first-born, it
    was htis Mother's Survivial Kit. For anyone who wants to use it this
    way, here is what you include and the poem you use":

    A toothpick to pick out the good qualities in your child.

    A candy hug and kiss to remind you of the power you get from lots of
    hugs and kisses.

    A button - to remind you to button your lip (sometimes).

    A band-aid to help with all of life's hurt feelings.

    An eraser to erase any mistakes you might make along the way.

    A lifesaver to remind you of the times others need your help, and you
    need theirs.

    Every one of my girlfriends now get these when they have a child. I
    use little tiny baby shower favor bags or boxes and print out the
    saying on large stickers w/ a baby border. Fill the bag/box with the
    items called for and stick it on. I also include (at the bottom of
    the sticker) the baby's name, dob, and vitals....they love them!!"
    Wrap Up Recipes

    Foolproof recipes are always welcome gifts. If you had time, you
    would make a little notebook and handwrite 20 of your favorites.
    Here's a speedier version: Pick one recipe, have your child write it
    on an index card, and package it with some of the ingredients. Give a
    play-clay recipe, for example, with a cookie cutter and balls of
    starter clay wrapped in plastic. Give a bubble recipe with glycerin
    and a wand, or pancake mix with the dry ingredients sifted into jars.
    Any recipe that starts with the words "Never-Fail Party _________"
    would be well-received in my house. I don't mean to hint.
    Art Cards

    Package five or 10 cards with envelopes, and you've got a great gift
    for doting grandparents and other relatives. CRAFT MATERIALS:
    Ruler and pencil
    Card stock or construction paper

    Glue stick

    Time needed: Under 1 Hour
    1. The following directions are for a 4 1/4-by-6-inch card (which
    fits nicely into a store-bought envelope), but obviously you can
    adjust the dimensions to any size you like. Using the ruler and
    pencil, trace a 12 3/4-by-6-inch rectangle onto your card stock or
    paper and cut it out.

    2. Fold the rectangle in thirds, accordion style. From the top third,
    cut out a window that will fit your artwork, leaving at least a 1/2-
    inch border around the edges.

    3. Slip the artwork behind the window so that it's centered. Now,
    glue the back of the artwork and the frame around the artwork to the
    paper behind them. Place the finished card under a book for about an
    hour to set.

    If you don't want to part with your child's original artwork or want
    to use a very large piece of artwork, you can make reduced copies
    with a color copier.
    To keep your holiday ribbon from tangling, store it in a sugar
    dispenser and pull the ends through the opening in the lid.
    A Stocking Countdown Calendar

    We gave the traditional Advent calendar a creative kick, turning it
    into a festive garland that reuses your kids' colorful socks. Tucked
    inside are notes, games, and goodies for kids to receive -- one sock
    for each day leading up to the Jolly Old Elf's visit. CRAFT

    25 socks
    25 mini clothespins (available at craft supply stores)
    Stocking hangers, painter's tape, or pushpins
    6-foot length of cord, string, or ribbon
    A game (a Mad Libs or Sudoku a day)
    Art supplies, such as a mini paint kit and pad
    A special ornament to add to the tree
    A new pair of socks!

    Time needed: About 2 to 3 Hours
    1. To make your "calendar," fill the 25 socks with small treats,
    using our list of suggestions or your own ideas.

    2. Use a marker to number the mini clothespins with 1 through 25.

    3. To assemble the calendar, use stocking hangers, painter's tape,
    or pushpins to temporarily hang a 6-foot length of cord, string, or
    ribbon within easy reach of a child. Clip the treat-filled socks to
    the cord in numerical order, then each day have kids remove one to
    discover their surprises.
    Kelly in IL
    ~ They Call it DODGE for a Reason! ~

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    Great ideas!!!! These are crafts I can sit down with the kids and do!!
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    I really think that everyone in my family is getting hot cocoa this year! With the economy like this, I can't really afford any thing else and it is such a cute idea!

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    I do like the Hot Chocolate in a Jar

    idea the most. Nice post.
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    Thanks for the ideas. my favourite is the advent's calendar... I just needed to collect all the unpaired stocks over the house and there I'd go LOL (just kidding - though many stocks find a way of running away from this house - I still haven't figured out how since I really try to lock them in )
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    What a great idea! I got a whole barrel of unmatched socks that they can use for anything from finding a match to dusting the house with! I can pick out my favorite 25 and do the Advent calendar thing!

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    I totally love the Mother's Survival Kit!!! What a great idea!!!! That was my favorite, they were all great ideas but that was truly my favorite!


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    Some great ideas! Thanks!

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