70+ FREE prints from CVS

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Bottom line, if you follow these directions (all links are still working) you can get 70 FREE PHOTOS for any email adress you register (even if you only have one extracard number). And it is hardly more effort to get 70 photos free, as just getting 20 or 30.

Be sure to to the first "Get 10 Free" FIRST; then order doesn't seem to matter. (If you've already gotten the 30 free by going to that link, you will need to register a different email for these 10.)

Get 10 Free: You get 10 free prints credited when you create an account. Go to: http://cvs.pnimedia.com/account/register.aspx Click on Start Now to create an account with your email and ExtraCare Number. (If you don't have an ExtraCare Card, pick one up at CVS or have mailed at CVS.com). Do this before the 30 below, and CVS will send you an email crediting you with 10.

Get 30 More Free: Then, to get 30 more credited (or go here first if you have created an account before) http://cvs.pnimedia.com/extracare_signup.aspx

Get 10 More :Free Then under ?Order Prints,? click on the "Do More with Your Photos" on the right side of the screen. A new window then opens that shows 10 more free prints have been credited.

Get 20 More: you can get 20 more free prints by filling out this survey about their digital sundays http://cvs.pnimedia.com/digitalsurvey/

This makes a total of 70 free prints that should be credited to your account, to save until you order photos ... or use now.

Caveat: some stores make fantastic top quality prints; others don't (lazy or inep clerk). But free or not, CVS guarantees the quality and you can take them back.

Bottom line, you can get 70 free prints without paying anything. On each email address. Some folks have successfully gotten the 70 FREE photos with separate email addresses on ONE EC card number (see posts, i.e. 350 free prints).

These free photos ONLY work if you order online ... you can't take your CD or photocard to the store.

EDITED: For some it may take 2 days or more to get the original email with 10 prints. You do not have to wait for the email to continue getting the 60 other prints.

To see how many free prints you have available click on the shopping cart and it will show them in the box on the top left.