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We'll be pleased to send you a set of free sample labels made by the DuraLabel 4TTP label and sign printer. Just fill out the following form, and select the labels you'd like to receive.

Select the Types of Samples You'd Like to Receive:
General Purpose Label
Shrink Tube Labels
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(US & Canada Only)

*The DuraLabel 4TTP comes with over 500 Microsoft Word templates to help you get started quickly. It also includes specialized software for printing RTK labels. This software works with a database of chemical information (also included) to make printing RTK labels fast and easy.

Software for printing die-cut Arc Flash labels is also included. Like the RTK software, the Arc Flash label software works with a database used to store and track Arc Flash labels.

You do not need to use either of these software programs, but they make creating, printing and maintaining RTK and Arc Flash labels much easier. Both software programs and databases are included FREE with the DuraLabel 4TTP printer.

There is no cost or obligation. Request your set of free sample labels and see the quality of the DuraLabel yourself. Plus, with over 500 Microsoft Word templates included, and a wide variety of supplies available, the DuraLabel has the power and flexibility to handle nearly any type of labeling job.

Find out more about the DuraLabel today. You'll be glad you did