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    Heart Gifts Kids can make for their friends

    I found these cute ideas while searching.

    Conversation Heart Magnet Frame

    This is a cute idea and will make nice Valentine’s Day gifts for your tween to give to someone special. You will need:

    * One empty box of conversation hearts
    * One small picture of the child
    * Scissors
    * Glue
    * Magnet (get the kind that is sticky on the back)

    Directions: Cut the front of the conversation heart box off. You will need the front of the box. Most of these boxes come with a clear space in the middle and this will be where you will glue the picture of the child. Cut the picture to the size of the heart space on the box and glue or tape in place. If you have access to a laminator, it is a great idea to laminate these because it will make them last longer. Place a magnet on the back of the box.

    Coupon Book

    Here is a nice way for your tween to think about the receiver of this fun gift. Help your child make a coupon book to give. There are many ideas for creating a coupon book, so this is a great opportunity for your child to think up things that they can do easily, and would mean something personal to the person who is receiving the coupon book as a gift. Some ideas include:

    * One free hug
    * Clean the house
    * Walk the dog
    * Bring in the mail
    * Weed the garden
    * Not talking back
    * Run an errand

    Directions: Simply use a printer and computer to design the coupon books. Cut each page of the book out and bind together using a hole punch and a string or yarn.

    Lollipop Pot

    This is an easy craft make. You will need:

    * One small clay flower pot
    * Small piece of Styrofoam or floral block
    * 3 or 4 Dum-Dum suckers
    * Pink craft foam
    * Acrylic paint
    * White shredded paper

    Directions: Help the children paint the pot in Valentine’s colors. After it has dried, push the foam down inside the pot and cover the top with the shredded paper. Use the craft foam and cut very small flower shapes. Cut a slit in the middle of each foam flower. Slide the suckers sticks in the flower and push the stick into the foam. Do this for each sucker. You now have a cute mini-lollipop garden.

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    Default Re: Gifts Kids can make for their friends

    Miss when my kids where that young to make such cute things
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    Default Re: Gifts Kids can make for their friends

    Maybe they still might make some of these. Hopefully they won't think they are too grown up. I really like homemade gifts, so thoughtful from the giver..
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