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    Heart More Frugal Gift Ideas

    Times are tough right now especially with me losing my job right before Christmas so I'm always looking for ideas!

    "When We First Met" Book

    This doesn’t have to be limited to a romantic partner. Consider it for friends as well. Include details from the first meeting, as well as significant events in the year. Get as creative as you like. For a formal touch, take it to Kinko’s or a copy store to have the book spiral bound. Laminate the front and back pages to make sure it lasts.

    "Daily Reminders of My Love"

    Type 365 different messages expressing love to the gift receiver. Cut them out and put them in a decorated jar or box. Now the person has a year of precious daily reminders.

    Personalized Frame

    Purchase a frame (again, the Dollar Store sells frames) and personalize it. Using paint or makers, write names, poems, quotes, or meaningful adjectives. Get as creative as possible. This is best if given with a picture already inside the frame.

    Framed Art or Poem

    Paint, draw, or sketch a picture. It doesn’t have to be perfect – it doesn’t even have to be that good. Make it meaningful and frame it. This can be done with a poem as well.

    Worry Rock

    Have a worry-wart in your life? Find or buy a smooth rock. Write a note about the significance of a worry rock – which is supposed to be kept in the pocket of the worrier and rubbed when the individual is really worried. It helps to relieve stress and anxiety. What a great way to show you care!

    The Year You Were Born Book

    Do some research to find the significant events from the person’s birth year. Type it all up, print it out, and have it bound at a copy store. Include the price of common items like gas, milk, and houses. This is a fun and creative gift that costs a lot of money at the store but can be easily made at home.

    Coin Jar

    Paint a fun jar (can be found at craft stores) and write the person’s hobby on the front with the word “money” after (shopping money, movie money, drinking money) as a fun coin jar.

    Still looking for more!

    ~ Misty

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    Default Re: More Frugal Gift Ideas

    These are some really nice gift ideas mbabb, thanks again.
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