Massive library of free mp3s

All you need is Media player. Most searches are returning multiple uploaded files with typical quality around 128kb to 192kb.

1) Go to, enter a search, choose a song from the results, let the embedded player load the song.
2) Go to your Temporary Internet Files folder, sort by File Size or Type.
3) The song will appear under Type as an "mp3 audio file" but the name will be a random string of characters. Its size will be a few to several megabytes like a typical mp3.
4) Copy the file and paste it to your desktop. It will paste as an mp3.

For IE 6, the Temporary Internet Files is found under Tools -> Internet Options -> Settings -> View Files. Its located under C:\Documents and Settings.

If the file you're listening to doesn't appear in the list, press F5 to refresh until it does. Each file download will vary depending on its size and your Internet connection.

For IE7 users w/ Vista:

Try this:

C:\Users\<INSERTusernameHERE>\AppData\Local\Micros oft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Low\Content.IE5

Go to organize->folder and search option-> and make sure that you uncheck the parts about hidden and protected files.