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    Lightbulb Ways to determine if you should buy a house

    Buying a house is not always the best route to go financially. Yeah I know shocking. But think about it, if you are already in debt up to your eyeballs looking for a way to survive no matter what the tv says about the rates etc it is not time to buy a house. Pay down your debt then start looking for a house to buy. Most people I know say well I am renting for 500.00 a month and my house payment will be 350.00 so I am saving 150.00. Not necessarily by time you figure in repairs, taxes on the house, insurance premiums on the house that 150.00 is gone and you are now spending more. Try cutting your budget, get your debts down and then consider buying a house. No one says you have to be debt free just get them down, have a savings for emergencies, and then figure if it can be afforded.

    Just a little food for thought

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