2007 Starbucks Cheer Party: FREE tall drinks

Starbucks has Cheer Parties around the country in select stores in the beginning of December. I don't know the specifics of ALL of the stores (or which ones are hosting the parties), but I do have the information for the local Ann Arbor, Michigan Cheer Party. I would suggest asking your local Barista -or maybe the manager- about where your local party is located.

Ann Arbor's Cheer Party will be at the new Carpenter Road store on December 6, 2007 (Thursday) from 5 pm - 7 pm. The address is 3650 Carpenter Road, Pittsfield, MI 48104. There will be FREE tall (12 oz) drinks, FREE pastries, FREE goodie bags, a raffle, and FREE crafts for the kids.

There are signs posted at the Ann Arbor Starbucks locations of State and Liberty, Main Street, Briarwood, Glencoe, South University, and Arborland.