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    Default RunKeeper Pro for iphone FREE for 24 hours

    Runkeeper pro is an iPhone application that uses GPS to track your run and map it. They are giving it away free for past users that paid for the application. The only way to not make past users pay again is to give it away free for 24 hours and let those that paid initially have the chance to download it but there is no way for them to keep others that didn't pay from downloading it free. This app usually goes for $9.99. I use it and LOVE it. Check it out at RunKeeper GPS Fitness Tracking Using 3G iPhone for Running, Cycling, Hiking, Walking

    The new app has not gone live in the app store yet but it should be within 24 hours.

    Here is the email:


    You are on this list because you were one of the initial users to pay for RunKeeper when it first came out in August.

    As mentioned in a previous email, we are relaunching RunKeeper with two different versions: RunKeeper Free - ad supported, and RunKeeper Pro - no ads. Both versions have the long-awaited feature of mapping on the device (both for historical runs and to see where you are during an activity without leaving RunKeeper). You must download one of these versions---the existing RunKeeper app will no longer be updated.

    For a better understanding of why we are making this change, read this RunKeeper Blog Archive Why the New Changes to RunKeeper?

    As initial paying customers of RunKeeper, we do not feel that it is fair to charge you again for the Pro application. Unfortunately, Apple does not give us an easy way to handle this. What we have done is make RunKeeper Pro free for the first 24 hours. As paying customers, we wanted to reach out and notify you first to make sure that you can download the app during this window so you don't have to pay again!

    We know this is not an ideal solution, but it is the best we could do given the circumstances. We hope you understand. So, get out there and download the app while you can! After the free window is over, RunKeeper Pro will cost $9.99 USD moving forward (prices vary slightly from country to country).

    Now that we have this license issue out of the way, it should be smooth sailing moving forward. We hope you enjoy this latest release, and we look forward to showing you all of the big plans we have for RunKeeper in 2009!


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