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    Smile Flying Bean coffee ...3 people a week will receive coffee

    Flavored Coffee | Coffee Beans | Gourmet Coffee Beans

    Samples and Weekly Contest for Free Coffee
    At least 5 or more visitors and/or customers each day will be selected from our contest entries for a free 2 ounce sample.

    Please enter for our weekly contest below:

    Three lucky winners each week will receive a FREE 1/2 pound bag (8 ounces) of the coffee of their choice*. Please click on one of the following choices and send us your name and email address to enter our FREE drawing (drawing to be held every Friday):

    Note: If you have ever been notified that you are a winner of either the daily or weekly drawing and not received your coffee, please email so we can verify winnings and look into what happened. We always try to send out the winnings in a timely manner, but sometimes with the hundreds of requests and winners we get, something might have happened along the way and we definitely want to remedy any problem and get the coffee to you.

    You can now enter once per day!!!

    Contest and Newsletter - You will be added to our email list to receive our biweekly newsletter that includes articles on coffee, upcoming specials and contests, new flavors, etc.

    Contest Only - Your name will be entered into our weekly contest only.

    *Guidelines for our free drawing:

    Only one entry per person, per day.
    Both new visitors and all customers can enter.
    You need not sign up for our free newsletter to enter the drawing.
    The winners will be choosen from the combined entries for both the "Contest and Newsletter" and "Contest Only".
    The winner will be contacted by email to make their choice of coffee and supply their shipping information
    Excludes Kona Fancy and Jamaican Blue Mountain.
    Winner will be notified no later than the following Monday after the close of the contest for the week
    Only valid for residents within the US.
    Hope Everyone Is Enjoying The Day. Best Wishes From MN ~ Pamela

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    Hope this goes thru ok and we all receive some kind of sample. I love to try different coffees and teas.


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