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    Heart Bill Dodd Autograph + bookplate

    E-mail autograph

    If you would like an autograph mailed to you, please include your street/city/state/ZIP in the "Message" box.
    Free is good.

    Just send Bill a note or an e-mail if you'd like a free autographed bookplate.

    (No, that's not a signed plate. It's a sticker that goes in the front of a book.)

    Include your name and street/city/state/ZIP address (or it can't be mailed to you, can it? (Just an e-mail address won't work, eh?)) and, if you want it personalized, the name of the person to...uh, be named.

    "Best wishes to Helen Ryder..."

    "Happy birthday, Rudy Zapf..."

    "Happy parenting, Adam and Eve..."

    "Congratulations on your wedding, Romeo and Juliet..."

    A Bill Dodds book and free bookplate make a thoughtful and... we hesitate to use the word "cheap"... reasonably-priced gift.

    A bookplate will be sent to you by U.S. mail. Free. No charge. Gratis. And you will not be e-mailed or sent anything else. This is not a thinly-veiled come-on to get your e-mail or home address. It is a thinly-veiled come-on to get you to buy a book.

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