PAINT Pinstriping with the STRIPER ? enables you to match and repair just about any pinstripe job or to complete paint pinstriping jobs economically with superior results!

Our tape works as a stencil: you simply apply the stencil...paint over it...and peel it off.

It leaves the cleanest, sharpest line. Nothing even comes close. No fuzzy edges and no edge build-up because the stencil material is so thin. It is also versatile; you can make bends, points, corners and do two-tone pinstriping with it.

The EDGE? tape for fine masking leaves razor sharp edges on your custom paint jobs, two-tones, panel repairs, custom graphics or any smooth surface where a clean sharp edge is needed.

The EDGE tape stretches to conform to curves and bends. Made from the same material as the Striper stencil tape, it is ultra thin, therefore it reduces edge build up. Unlike other tapes, you won't get paint bleeding. The EDGE is excellent for graphics and painting can be done by brushing or spraying with many types of paint.