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    Thumbs up $43.00 In Free Swag Promo Codes MASTER LIST swag bucks Thread

    If you havenít heard of Swag Bucks or you have, listen up. I will give you codes to earn $40.00 free Swag Bucks. This is not the new "instant swag bucks" promotion. This is different and 100% guaranteed. First off, you have to sign-up. It's free and you'll get $3.00 for doing so. The link is at the bottom of the page for newbies. If you have, follow these steps. Go to the "Hinder" search and win site from the "all sites" link on the main page when you log in. Click on your Swag Bucks total at the top of the page. At the bottom is a "Gimme" box, type this code in uppercase as follows; HINDERARMY , presto $10.00 free swag bucks. Now do the same as with the Hinder search and go to "Hilary Duff" search, follow the same instructions and type in DIGNITY , presto another $10.00 free swag bucks, now go to "Puddle Of Mudd" search, follow the same pattern and type in FAMOUS, presto another $10.00 free swag bucks, next go to "Enrique Iglesias" search, follow the same pattern and type in ENRIQUE , presto $5.00 free swag bucks, and last but not least go to "Vanessa Carlton" search and type in VANESSA , presto $5.00 free swag bucks for a total of $40.00 FREE SWAG BUCKS! I hope you all enjoy this thread, I will post more when I find them. If you havenít signed up, swag bucks is a search engine that rewards virtual money when searching the Internet. Sign-Up is free and they will give you $3.00 when you do. If you sign-up and follow this post you will start off with $43.00 FREE. That is enough to win a pretty cool prize on the first day FREE. You can redeem your points for Nintendo Wii's, PS3's, X-Box 360's, TV's, clothes, music, gift cards and 1,000's of other prizes. I hope you all find this post the best Swag Bucks post on the Internet. Try it out and tell me what you win! Here is the sign-up link below!

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    None of them worked for me.


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