Free Congenital Heart Disease Related Posters

READ THIS FIRST: Scientific Software Solutions distributes free posters on congenital heart disease, a life threatening disorder. Recently, we have been getting hundreds of requests from Freebie newsletter subscribers.

Please help us to continue this service by NOT requesting a free poster JUST BECAUSE IT IS FREE.

We are happy to send these posters to: 1) patients with CONGENITAL heart disease and their families 2) educators, medical and nursing students and homeschoolers. 3) medical professionals ALSO NOTE: * These posters do not depict normal hearts or acquired heart disease. *

free congenital heart disease related posters to patients, parents, students, and medical professionals dealing with congenital heart disease.

Please do not abuse this free service provided by SSS inc. The posters are a fantastic educational resource for patients, their family members, and promising medical students.

Please click on one of the posters below and fill in all of the requested information to receive your free poster. The posters will not be sent unless you fill in all of the information.