How to get this discount:
Click any of the links below, and click "Add to cart." Once the product is in your cart, click "Proceed to checkout" and select the "Google Checkout" option. It will bring you to a new page asking you to login. Discount is for new users only, products that cost $10 or up before shipping or tax. Create a new google checkout account, and BE SURE TO CHANGE THE SHIPPING OPTION - By default express shipping is selected (non-free), but there is an option for 7-9 day which is free.

How to get the discount again:
Create a new email account (, logout of your current google account and repeat the process from above. Most people have been fine re-using the same name/address/credit card on different (new) accounts and the discount is applied, but YMMV.

List of products:
to find new products, go to and click the "What's Shakin" link, and scan through those items -- typically these free items jump right to the top (courtesy of wonderful sites like this )


Hover Copter - 49 MHz ... 68417.html