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    Fire Blog Moderation- Please Read

    Several members have expressed concern over why their Blog Comments (messages left on various blog posts) are still being moderated, despite the fact that they have been active members for awhile.

    Please note, this is due to Personal User Settings, not site admin settings. If you would like users to be able to post to your blog without having to pass through moderation, Follow these directions:

    1. please login to the forums with your username
    2. click on Blogs in the top left hand side of the page
    3. Scroll down to Blog Control Panel (again, left hand side of the page)
    4. Click "blog options"
    5. Under the Default Entry options, change the setting to "When Posting a New Blog Entry, I would like to "Allow Comments to be Posted"

    Please note, this will NOT reverse previous blog post settings, so any posts made to blogs prior to this will still have to be moderated. Also, please note, in the future if you post a blog and want to moderate comments for that particular post, you can choose that option When You post by scrolling down and checking the box that says "Moderate all comments" (which will be located by the submit button of your blog post).

    If this is still unclear or you have questions, let me know.
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