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    Fire Send in your idea to Josten's (the yearbook company) for a free gift

    Here are a few of the great ideas that have made it past Stage 2 or are currently in Field Testing:

    Yearbook Companion
    Instant Replay
    u&i ring collection

    What’s in it for me…prizes

    Send in your idea and we’ll send you a small token of our appreciation.

    If your idea makes it through the initial screening process you’ll get another gift.

    Make it past Stage 2 and receive a What a Concept! denim-twill shirt!

    And if your great idea makes it all the way to field-test stage, we'll give you $500!(pre-tax)

    Initial screening: All ideas submitted are passed through an initial screening process by the opportunity development department for strategic fit (i.e., is there a known market need), difficulty of implementation, cost and benefit. Input is then gathered from other areas to confirm the evaluations. Ideas that pass initial screening will again be acknowledged with an update and small gift. Those that do not pass the initial screening are informed of the status of their idea.

    Second screening: A second screening is conducted to assess the best and worst case outcome that may occur if the idea is implemented. Those with the most positive likely results move to the assessment phase where more detailed background research is conducted on the size of the opportunity and the likely way the idea could be implemented. At the end of the assessment, the review board determines which ideas should or should not become projects. For any idea that does become a project, you are recognized with a Jostens What a Concept shirt.

    Field-test: Ideas that make it to in-field testing will be rewarded with $500 (pre-tax).

    The complete process for any idea can take as little as two months or as many as two years. It all depends on the size and scope of the idea and the resources available to work on developing it.

    What's the Goal of New Product Development?


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    In the fine print I think I found a snag, this contest may be way over.

    The What A Concept! Program will run from May 1, 2000 through December 31, 2001. After December 31, 2002, the program will continue at the discretion of Jostens Opportunity Development Deparment.

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