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    Star Water Bottle for Review

    Water Bottle for writing 2 reviews (2 water bottles for writing 4 reviews) from Healthy Sunshine

    We would like to ask you to write a short review concerning your experience with one or more Nature’s Sunshine Products on our new “Customer Review” system.

    You have probably had the experience of trying to decide between products, and hearing from other customers might have helped you make your decision. It is our goal to build an extensive service of reliable customer reviews to help future customers. In exchange for your help, we would like to give you a small token of our appreciation—a FREE sports water bottle with the Nature’s Sunshine logo on it.

    If you do at least 2 reviews, we will send you one water bottle. If you do at least 4 reviews, we will send you two water bottles! (Maximum of 2 bottles per person)

    Here are the general guidelines:
    Review should be a minimum of 25 words, well-written, and give your honest experience with the product.
    When you write your reviews, please respond to this email with your name and address, as well as the names of the products that you reviewed so that we can verify them.
    Your water bottles should be shipped within 2 weeks.
    We reserve the right to edit your review for grammar, spelling, etc., in order to make the system useful for everyone.

    Here is how to do the review:
    Either search for the product using our search box on the upper left, or use the product list to find the product that you wish to write a review for.
    Click on the link “Write Review”. You will be taken to the page to choose the “star rating”, give a title for your review, and write it.
    After you do the review, please use our contact form to send us your name, address, and the names of the products that you wrote a review for. We will use this to verify the reviews and send you your water bottle!

    Click here to see an example of a review by a customer of NSP peppermint oil.

    It’s that easy!

    We thank you for your help, and certainly wish you the best of health!


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