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    Star Porch Snowman

    A large foam pillow
    A large white pillow case
    Five 2" black buttons
    Five 1 1/2" black buttons
    Orange felt (8" x 10")

    Put the pillow case on the pillow.
    Stand the pillow on end, open side
    of the pillow case at the top.
    Tie the scarf around the pillow about 1/3
    of the way from the top.

    The portion of the pillow above the scarf
    is the head.
    Sew 2" black buttons for eyes, and make a smile
    by sewing on five 1 1/2" black buttons in a U shape.

    To make the nose, cut a large triangle out of the felt.
    Make it as large as the felt piece allows.
    Fold the triangle in half and sew closed along the
    length of the triangle. Stuff with a little paper.

    Stitch the open ends to the snowman.

    Sew the three remaining buttons on
    below the scarft (as the snowman's buttons).

    Stuff the hat with a little crumpled paper &
    place it on the snowman's head, tucking in
    the loose ends of the pillow case.

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