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    Default Sweet Turkey Treats

    Oreo cookies
    Royal icing
    Whoppers candy
    Candy corn

    1. We used half an Oreo cookie for each body and an entire cookie for each tail, then used a dab of royal icing to affix Whoppers for heads.

    2. We piped on icing eyes and also used icing to affix the candy corn
    feathers and beaks.

    These were the directions that I found on the Internet, but I thought maybe I could describe it a little better.

    1.) Pull one oreo apart. Take the half with the cream & place it on the table (cream side up). Take one full cookie (not pulled apart) and place it (standing up) onto the the cream from the other cookie.
    2.) Use a little dab of royal icing to affix 1 whopper on the front of the standing oreo where it attaches to the other oreo.
    3.) Pipe on a little icing as eyes and a beak.
    4.) Using more icing, attach 4 candy corns onto the standing oreo point side down as feathers

    I hope this was kind of easy to understand.

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