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    Default Christmas Bells

    Christmas Bells
    you'll need:
    2 clean, dry yogurt plastic yogurt containers or 8 ounce Styrofoam cups
    Paper plate or palette
    Acrylic craft paints - gold metallic and red
    Crackle finish
    Small Flat paint brush
    3 red pipe cleaners (chenille stems)
    six 1/2" jingle bells
    white (tacky) glue
    two 2 or 4 hole buttons
    craft scissors or wire cutters
    nylon thread

    Place small amounts of paint on paper plate or palette as needed. Apply additional coats as needed but allow complete drying between each coat.
    Paint the entire surface, inside and out, of each container. Let dry. Paint buttons and bells metallic gold. Let dry. Apply crackle finish to the outside of one container, following the manufacturer's directions. Then apply red paint to the outside of the that same container. Let Dry.
    Cut one pipe cleaner in half. Fold one length in half. Thread ends of pipe cleaner through a button from back to front. Then fold the ends towards the center making two loops to look like a bow. Twist the ends close to the button to secure the bow. Repeat, using the other half of the pipe cleaner and the other button.
    Invert each container and glue the flat side of the button centered onto the bottom of each container. Thread three bell onto center of one remaining pipe cleaner. Gently fold pipe cleaner in half and twist ends together, making a 4" long loop. Repeat, using remaining pipe cleaner and bells. Glue ends of pipe cleaner to inside bottom of containers, allowing bells to extend about one inch below container.
    Finally, tie a loop of nylon thread to bow for hanger. Hang on tree and enjoy

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