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    Default Tips for Eating Less during the Holidays

    Get decked for the halls in something slinky. In a tight dress or belt, you'll feel every every overindulgence. and a quick mirror check will remind you of the figure you want to keep.
    Don't arrive anywhere hungry or you'll be more likely to overdo it. Have a filling low-cal snack a half hour before you hit the party circuit.
    If an especially tempting tray is making the rounds, hit the ladies room. Apply lipstick or gloss and pop a mint, nothing goes good with a mint so things won't seem as tempting.
    Denying yourself a favorite food could lead to a binge later on. Better to allow yourself a bit of you want.

    Drinking may loosen your inhibitions and lead to overeating. Have a maximum of two drinks per party, spaced at least an hour apart; sip seltzer in between.
    If you use a small plate to hold your appetizers and snacks; you'll fill it up with less but looks like more

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