Dress up the table with a cascade of sugar dusted fruit. Simply brush fruit with lightly beaten egg white, dip in granulated sugar and air-dry on rack. Display on fine china or a 2 Tiered display.
Add a string of Christmas lights to a large potted plant.
Tuck sprigs of holly into the soil around potted plants.
Fill tin cookie cutters with cranberries and popcorn and display them, with sprigs of holly, on a pretty platter.
Create a glitzy display of golden jingle bells in a crystal bow. Add a snippet of green and a red ribbon for the traditional cheer.
In a bowl, place some greens from a pine tree tied in a green or red bow. Place a lemon and two limes (or vice versa) pegged with cloves.
Place a bunch of pine cones, walnuts and a few pieces of greenery in a sterling silver bowl. Accent by throwing in a few pieces of metallic silver ribbons.
Place some fruit in a low lying bowl and put some garland of silver bead all around the fruit and the inside of the bowl. Place the bowl on a mat make of pine tree trimmings.

In a decorative bowl, place a few small, wrapped presents in the bowl surrounded by small ornaments with colors to accent the presents.
Pierce an orange with whole cloves until the entire fruit is covered. Repeat with apples. Place the scented arrangement in a decorative bowl for a fragrant centerpiece.
Fill your home with the scent of a pleasant potpourri. Place orange rind, cloves, cinnamon sticks and fresh ginger in a saucepan. Cover with water and bring to a boil. Let mixture simmer on low heat. Watch carefully so water does not boil away.