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    Default Get Out Old Pet Stains - "Get Serious"

    A few months ago, my hubbie & I (and our 2 doggies) moved. We were told at our old apartment complex that we would never get our security deposit back because we have 2 dogs. I was really scared because it was a rather large security deposit. I found a product at PetSmart called "Get Serious." I was a little skeptical, but man does this stuff work!!!! I even used it on a large urine stain that I had not been able to get for almost a year. I had tried tons of things on it & nothing worked. The "Get Serious" got it out in about 5 minutes!!! Completely clean!!!! We got our entire security deposit back!!! The stuff costs about a bottle, but you only use a very small amount, so it last a long time. Just make sure you follow the directions exactly or it won't work!

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