November 8th - FREE Dunkin' Donuts Beverage - U.S. Military ... 446&EDATE=

In honor of Veterans Day and
the courageous efforts of the U.S. Military, Dunkin' Donuts is pleased to
announce its second annual Military Appreciation Day in Michigan. For 24
hours on Thursday, November 8, Michigan active and veteran military
officials can receive a FREE, large (20-ounce) hot coffee in their choice
of flavors or a medium (16-ounce) hot chocolate at any participating
Dunkin' Donuts in Michigan. Military personnel must show an ID card or
badge in order to receive the free beverage.
"Dunkin' Donuts is proud to celebrate our Michigan military officials
for the relentless sacrifices and the job they do to keep the nation safe
and running," said Nick Spencer, Dunkin' Donuts Marketing Manager. "A free
cup of Dunkin' Donuts freshly brewed hot coffee or hot chocolate is our way
of recognizing our armed forces in honor of Veteran's Day."
Dunkin' Donuts' Military Appreciation Day in Michigan recognizes the
nation's protectors who help keep the nation safe and running.
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