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    Default Homemade Gift Idea - Pinecone Bird Feeder

    you'll need:

    Several pinecones
    a 1 or 2 pound plastic tub of peanut butter
    premixed birdseed
    sturdy nylon string
    shallow pie plate
    waxed paper
    plastic bag

    newspapers or plastic tarp
    Cover your work surface with old newspapers or a plastic tarp. Open peanut butter tub and remove seal. Cover container with cellophane wrap (loosely draped over the top) and microwave on high for 2 minutes. Stir with a chopstick or spoon handle until peanut butter is a smooth liquid and not scalding hot. Pour liquid peanut butter into a shallow pie plate. Fill your plastic bag with 2 cups of birdseed. Roll pinecones (one at at time) in melted peanut butter, allowing the excess to drip into the pie plate. Drop the coated pinecone into the birdseed bag, secure closed, then shake bag to cover the pinecone with seeds. Place coated pinecones on waxed paper to cool To finish, tie a long nylon string to the pinecone stem.

    Place several pinecones in a small Christmas bowl and wrap with colored plastic wrap like a fruit basket. Tie with a bow and present this thoughtful gift to one of your animal loving friends. They'll love you for it and so will their little feathered friends!

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