I thought that I always make potatoes with milk, or water, so I thought of doing a type of scalloped potato with tomato/pasta sauce. Well it turned out real good!

This is what I did:

(I have a cutting system that I can cut veggies easy)
I cut potatoes julienne style, but you could slice thin. I mixed 1 700ml jar with 4 sliced medium sized potatoes. I mixed about 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese in the potatoes, 1 cup cooked ground beef, garlic salt and seasoning salt, dried onions. I baked it at 450F but it took a while to cook. I think I will try this in the crock pot. I found it needed more liquid, so I added 400ml tomato/vegetable juice. Put into 9x13 pan.

So to recap:
4 medium potatoes
1 jar/can 19 oz tomato/pasta sause
2 cups shredded cheese, what ever you like, cheddar, mozza
1 lb cooked ground beef
1 vegetable juice container( V8, motts)
Garlic powder/salt, add to taste.
Seasoning Salt
dried onions from onion soup mix.( I take the onions out of the mix when I add to sour cream for dip)

Feeds four to six

I think next time I will slice the potatoes thin, and make a traditional lasagna but with potatoes instead of noodles. I'm going to add cottage cheese and spinach.

I thought of this because I know someone who is celiac, that's someone who is allergic to gluten.