FREE (up to 4) Movie Rentals at Redbox kiosks nationwide

Redbox kiosks are in McDonald's, grocery stores like Albertson's, Shaw's Giant Eagle, Osco, and others to name a few-- (not in every store of the above mentioned chains). Normal movie rental price is $1.00 per night charged to your credit card- it's a vending maching and it spits out your movie right there!

Just for giving your email address you get one free rental online coupon
If you sign up for their Cell phone SMS alerts and you get a free rental every Monday in October
give them your email = 1 free rental
give them your cell# = free rental each Mon. in Oct. (3 Mondays left in October as of this posting)

One tip: If you are on a road trip (or another part of town) You can pick up or drop off at ANY LOCATION-- done this before on long road trips and it is great- just check before you go to make sure they have a kiosk where you're headed
Disclaimer- you may get charged the cost of an SMS message from your cell carrier YMMV