Paint Stirrer Snowman

Paint stir stick

small craft or ice cream stick
white & black acrylic paint
orange toothpick
scrap material for scarf
black fine tip marker
green embroidery floss
gold cord
light pink acrylic paint

Paint the stir stick white. Paint the handle end of the stick black.
Pain the ice cream stick black, let dry. Glue ice cream stick across
from of paint stirrer, this will act as the hat brim. Tie fabric

scrap around neck as the scarf.

Make a loop and glue gold cord to the back of the head. Draw on eyes,
nose and mouth, as well as belly buttons. Add rosey cheeks with
slight touches of pink paint. Glue toothpick in place for nose. Tie
floss into a small bow and attach to the front of the hot with hot