I used to cook for the four of us (my step-father, Mom, & my half-brother). I would recycle bits of meals into an empty Coolwhip container and keep it in the freezer of my fridge.

I'd make zucchini with onions and tomato sauce. The leftovers went into the container. I'd make eggplant (sliced thin & sauteed first) with tomato sauce. The leftovers would go into my container. I'd make boxed mac & cheese (it used to be really cheap). The leftovers would go into the container. My sloppy joes were never the same.

I'd brown some ground beef and drain it. I would slice some onions and brown them. Then I'd mix up the onions and ground beef with some tomato sauce. Finally, I would dump in the contents of my container. I'd mix it all up and then we'd eat supper. The leftovers went back into the container.

Since there's only me these days, I don't do this anymore.

My step-father is dead now. My half-brother was killed in a freak accident. Mom went into a local nursing home the end of January.