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    Paw $5.00 Off 5lb Bag Dog Whisperer Dog food - Petco

    $5.00 Off 5lb Bag Dog Whisperer Dog food - Petco

    Cesar Millan is a world-renowned dog behavior specialist, well known for his keen insight into pack behavior. Raised around dogs, he understands that the pack instinct is their strongest natural motivator. Led by his desire to improve the relationship between humans and canines, Cesar counsels dog owners to clearly establish themselves as the dog's pack leader by projecting "calm-assertive energy." His formula for rehabilitation by establishing rules, boundaries, and limitations, and by giving exercise, discipline and affection (in that order!) has helped dog owners around the world build happier, healthier relationships with their dogs.

    Download and print your coupon to receive off a 5 lbs bag of Dog Whisperer dog food available at Petco.


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