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    Default Corn Meal Snapper Fillets with Mango salsa

    Cut up the onion, mango, jalapeno and cilantro into as small a pieces as you can. Mangos are tricky to clean because they have a big flat seed in them.If you are using a food processor, just chopp them, dont puree or liquify the salsa. Add salt and lime juice and mix by hand. Set aside. Get some oil hot in a skillet about 1/3 of an inch deep. Salt the 8-10 oz Snapper filet lightly and roll it in yellow corn meal. Place the filet gently in the hot oil, "skin side" up. This makes for a flakier filet. Flip the filet when the flesh starts to turn white at the edges good. Only flip it once. If you put the round, "flesh side" down first,(flat-skin side up), the flesh side will be facing up and the filet will start to flake when done. Plate and cover with salsa and sour cream. I like the Mexican style sour cream called Crema Poblana. It's thinner and gooey and makes a good garnish, besides it tastes better. Serve with rice and beans, black beans preferably.
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