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    I have a small pantry with 3 shelf units & a 9 cubic foot chest freezer. I have found that if I watch the sales I can buy sauces cheaply. Same thing for cheeses. I buy either frozen ravioli on sale or the dairy case ravioli when it's on sale. By combining these 3 items I can have a meal.

    I keep a lot of soup, too. I'm also now keeping fresh veggies for making my own homemade soups.

    This past week I made potato-leek-onion soup. It was wonderful and a lot less expensive than the dry packets of Knorr Leek Soup Mix. The leeks cost less than 3 packets of the soup mix.

    I also have a Food Saver and the new freezer system by Reynolds. I'm hoping that by freezing leftovers that I'll be able to save more money plus I'll have quick meals.

    I buy canned tomatoes on sale, too.

    I watch the sales. I stock up on things I use often.

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