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    Star Edible witch hats - quick and easy

    Witch Hats
    24 small chocolate covered cookies(you can make then or buy store bought)
    24 chocolate kisses
    4 ounces milk chocolate
    assorted decorations
    Place the cookies on a large platter or cookie sheet. Unwrap all of the kisses. Melt the chocolate in a small heavy saucepan or microwave, stirring frequently until smooth. Dip the bottom of the kisses into the melted chocolate and place on top of the cookie to form the hat. Repeat until all of the hats are formed. To add dragees or small decors, lightly dip or brush with melted chocolate and place on the hat. To dust with sugar (will give a slightly sparkly appearance), edible silver/gold dust, or edible glitter, lightly brush the entire cookie with melted chocolate and quickly sprinkle

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